NFL Announces Latest Series of 'All or Nothing', and Eagles Fans Are Concerned

Amazon Studios and NFL Films have announced the newest subject of its docuseries, All or Nothing. The Philadelphia Eagles will be appearing on the streaming service in February as the eight-episode arc details the entire 2019 football season. Jon Hamm will once again serve as the narrator for the season as he discusses injuries to important players and a playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

With this announcement, fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were mixed in their reactions. They were excited to see the behind-the-scenes footage of quarterback Carson Wentz, coach Doug Pederson, and the rest of the team, but they were very wary at the same time. How would NFL Films handle the various injuries and surprising moments from this season?

"And once again the team being featured ends up with nothing. Though it is the first time since the cardinals a team has made the playoffs. #TheShowIsCursed" one user wrote on social media. They believed that it was Amazon's fault that the Eagles barely made it to the playoffs and lost in the Wild Card.

Another potential viewer weighed in on the announcement, expressing concern about the amount of injuries that would be put on full display. "I’ll be watching! A lot of training room footage this year I'm sure..." they wrote.

Many fans were upset, but one of the players was ready for the show. Tackle Lane Johnson, who missed four games in 2019, responded to the news of the docuseries by tweeting out the popcorn emoji.

The in-season docuseries has followed several NFL teams in recent years, starting with the Arizona Cardinals. The first season documented a run to the NFC Championship 2015 and the heartbreak of losing to the Carolina Panthers. Head coach Bruce Arians was a permanent fixture throughout it all as he tried to lead his team to the Promised Land, complete with salty language.

All or Nothing has also featured the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, and Carolina Panthers. None of these seasons featured a return to the playoffs, but they were defined by other prominent storylines. The Cowboys dealt with Ezekiel Elliott's suspension while the Panthers suffered through a Cam Newton injury. The Rams put a mid-season coaching change on display after Jeff Fisher was fired.

The Eagles may not have dealt with firing a coach or watching a player deal with legal issues, but there were plenty of storylines. A beloved receiver in DeSean Jackson returned to Philadelphia only to be sidelined by injury. Wentz was knocked out of the playoff game by a hit to the head. There were many headline-creating moments, and they will all be put on display by Amazon.


All or Nothing premieres Friday, Feb. 7 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty Images