NBA All-Star 2020: Watch Jennifer Hudson's Emotional Performance Dedicated to Kobe Bryant

If there wasn't enough emotion in the air this weekend at the NBA All-Star Game due to the loss of Kobe Bryant, Jennifer Hudson made sure everybody was feeling it on Sunday. Ahead of the game, Hudson took the stage following an emotional speech by Lakers legend Magic Johnson and performed a tribute to Bryant and those lost in the helicopter crash back in January.

Hudson performed an emotional rendition of "For All We Know" while photos of Bryant and his career flashed by behind her, capping off two weeks of mourning in a way that drives home what he meant to fans and the NBA.

Hudson had previously posted about the loss on Instagram and reacted to the news that Bryant's daughter Gianna was one of the victims.

"It’s like every time I go to sleep and then wake up somebody else is gone ! This news Hurts my heart so bad!" Hudson wrote at the time.

Magic Johnson helped pump up her performance before she took center stage, letting people know that she would be singing with the same passion that Bryant exhibited on the court.

"He was always there for all of us, in one way or another. So, to pay tribute to Kobe, Chicago's own Jennifer Hudson," Johnson said.

"Jennifer Hudson really bringing everything back man," one fan wrote.

"Jennifer Hudson Kobe tribute was beautiful. Much respect to her for doing it right," another added.

"Never forgot that jennifer hudson lost her mother, brother, & nephew in a horrific tragedy - her performance tonight in honor of kobe is not only remarkably beautiful, but insanely brave," a third reminded those watching.


Bryant and daughter Gianna were among nine killed in a tragic helicopter crash on Jan. 26. The shocking death shook the globe and the NBA community, leaving many calling for games to be canceled and scrambling to pay tribute to the late Lakers icon.

A public memorial will be held on Feb. 24 at the Staples Center for Bryant and his daughter. The NBA All-Star Game will also continue to pay tribute to the Lakers star, with the association changing the name of the MVP trophy to reflect Bryant.