Samantha Busch, Wife of NASCAR's Kyle Busch, Shares Thoughts on New Cup Series Schedule, Not Attending Races (Exclusive)

Samantha Busch is not used to being at home every weekend. Busch, who is the wife of NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch, would currently be at the track with their son Brexton to show their support for the racing champion. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Busch has not been able to attend the races, which hasn't been easy for her as she tells exclusively.

"Being a wife and a partner, you want to be there for them just in case," Busch told PopCulture. "I have to distract myself during the race, so I don't get nervous and Talladega — this weekend's race — will obviously be quite difficult. So it's been really different. I miss being at the track." Busch went on to say how Brexton misses being at the track every weekend as well. "It was our thing every weekend," she added. "We had our favorite places to go to; we would hang out with the other drivers' families. It's been really different, but we obviously support NASCAR and all the safety measures that they're taking to keep everyone safe right now."

NASCAR suspended the season in March, with the last race being in Phoenix. The season resumed on May 17 at the Darlington Raceway, but fans were not allowed to attend. However, Sunday's race in Talladega allowed 5,000 fans to see their favorite drivers. While that's a step in the right direction, no fans or lack of fans have been a significant adjustment for everyone. "The fans are what makes the sport," Busch added. "Kyle said it was very jarring to get out of the car after a win and just have silence. That's something you're definitely not used to. For us, it's been extra stressful to watch for TV."

Busch, who is also a co-owner of Kyle Busch Motorsports, will FaceTime with her husband, Kyle before the races since she can't be there with him and with the help of Walmart Family Moblie, Busch can communicate with the reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion with no issues and additional costs.


"Right now especially, it's so important with everybody staying home and stay safe to stay connected with people," Busch said who's been working with Walmart Family Mobile before the start of the pandemic. "Right now, we're adjusting a new way of life with FaceTiming Kyle for the races instead of being there with him. It's really nice that there's no extra surprises each month on that phone bill." Busch is also urging fans to go to Walmart Family Mobile's website to check out their offers.