NASCAR: Massive Truck Series Wreck Prompts Shoving Match, Middle Fingers

Young NASCAR drivers headed to Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday for the Gander Outdoors & RV Truck [...]

Young NASCAR drivers headed to Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday for the Gander Outdoors & RV Truck Series race. The playoff drivers had plans of winning and securing a spot in the championship race, but a massive collision became a major talking point. Ben Rhodes hooked Christian Eckes and spun him into the wall.

The incident occurred as the trucks came around the corner. Rhodes went close to the wall before turning sharply and plowing into the rear quarter panel of Ecke's truck. The No. 18 spun and slammed into the wall before sliding down the track at a high rate of speed. Eckes' truck came to a sliding stop in the grass. He was able to climb out of the vehicle with some assistance and showed his anger with a double middle-finger salute to Rhodes.

"There's not really much to break down," explained announcer Jamie McMurray. "That looked like there must have been something earlier happened, and that was retaliation. There's really no reason for anyone to do what Ben Rhodes did to Christian Eckes there."

The medical staff took Eckes to the infield care center and ultimately released him. He then headed to Rhodes' trailer to confront his fellow driver. A long conversation took place between the two men and led to shoving. The altercation didn't completely escalate into a full-blown fight due to the presence of NASCAR security, who separated the drivers.

Speaking with reporters after the race, Rhodes defended the move. He said that Eckes had tried to put him into the wall and that he was trying to keep control of his truck. He responded to comments about viewers watching the incident and blaming him by saying: "That's fine. They can have their own opinion, but I was in the truck. I know what happened."

Rhodes also took aim at Kyle Busch Motorsports, saying: "Everybody wants to fight us for an incident that I was put into. It all comes from the KBM guys." He said that the drivers have a lack of talent and no respect for their fellow competitors.

The incident with Eckes was not the only one involving Rhodes. He also wrecked Josh Bilicki on the last lap. "Hey [Ben Rhodes], what the hell was that? We had a great run going for our small [Reaume Brothers Racing Teams] and was inside the top 15 with one to go until [99] just flat out dumped us. Just remember, you have WAY more to lose than we do at Martinsville [middle finger emoji]," Bilicki tweeted after the race. Team owner Josh Reaume also said that a new truck had better be waiting for him at his shop.