NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch Wins WWE Title on 'Monday Night Raw'

Kyle Busch has now won championships in two different sports. Just weeks after winning the NASCAR Cup Series Championship, Busch made an appearance on WWE's Monday Night Raw in Nashville Tennessee and won a championship there. WWE superstar R-Truth, the reigning 24/7 Champion, brought Busch and fellow NASCAR star Michael Waltrip out on the floor. Once that happened, Waltrip unzipped his jacket to show off a referee shirt. Busch then grabbed R-Truth, put him to the ground and pinned him to win the 24/7 title.

Because it is the 24/7 Championship, it can be defended at any time. So Busch was not able to hold on to the title for that long as R-Truth was able to regain it. While taking photos with the title, R-Truth came from behind and pinned him. Busch then went to Twitter to let R-Truth know he will come after the title again very soon.

Fans had a lot of interesting things to say about Busch winning the title. One fan wrote on Twitter, "We all know the 24/7 title is just a fun gimmick. But do you at least get a replica belt to commemorate this moment to add to your ever growing trophy case? Congrats buddy."

Another fan wants Busch to face the current WWE Champion. The fan wrote, [Kyle Busch] you're making it hard for me to hate you. I never like the 18 and I wished [Brad Keselowski] wrecked you every race. However, I am starting to like you. Let's see you fight [Brock Lesnar] next time!"

And this Twitter user is not a big fan of Busch being part of WWE history. The person wrote, "That title was as big of a joke as your 1st so-called NASCAR title......[shake my f—ing head]."


We won't see Busch take on Roman Reigns or Kofi Kingston anytime soon because racing is where he dominates. He has won the NASCAR Cup Series in 2015 and 2019 and he recently won the ESPY Award for Best Driver.