MotoGP's Marc Marquez Breaks Arm After Terrifying Crash Caught on Camera

The MotoGp season started on Sunday with the SpanishGP. Marc Marquez set out looking to defend his world title, but his day ended early after a violent crash. Track officials immediately took him to the medical center and MotoGP Traumatology Specialist Dr. Mir later confirmed that Marquez suffered a fractured humerus.

The incident occurred as Marquez was making moves up the leaderboard. He went smoothly around one turn and headed into Turn 3. However, his Honda motorcycle shifted suddenly to the right and launched him into the air. He slammed onto the pavement and then bounced several times into the gravel on the side of the track. Marquez moved onto his knees and began undoing his helmet while personnel ran to his aid.

"Marc took a big hit to the upper arm, now they are checking it and doing an X-Ray. He has had some pain killers for the pain," said Alberto Puig, Repsol Honda Team Manager, after the incident. There were initial concerns about Marquez's health considering the violence of the crash. They fully expected the worst after seeing Marquez unable to move his right arm.

"Marc Marquez has suffered an injury, it seems, from a direct impact of the tyre to the right arm, resulting in a fracture to the shaft of the humerus, a complete fracture although it isn't completely displaced, with some possible paralysis of the radial nerve, although we're not certain," said Dr. Mir. "This injury has been immobilised here for when they decide to move him to Barcelona to carry out a definitive treatment." Marquez made the journey to Barcelona, Spain, on Monday for his treatment. Dr. Mir ruled him out for the upcoming weekend in Jerez, Spain.

The defending World Champion dealt with previous issues during Sunday's race. He nearly crashed on Turn 4 as his motorcycle veered off the track and into the gravel. However, Marquez kept the machine upright and worked his way back to the pavement. This incident dropped him down to 16th place, but he quickly worked his way back to third. The comeback ended with the violent crash that ended the day.


While Marquez does have a fractured humerus, this does not mean that his season is over. The eight-time World Champion could potentially return by August. This will depend on whether or not Marquez has any nerve damage, but Dr. Mir said that the World Champion could return for Aug. 9's event in the Czech Republic.