Mike Tyson Shows off Insane Speed, Toned Physique in New Video

Mike Tyson looks like he's ready to become the heavyweight champion once again. On the heels of sharing his training video, the 53-year old boxing legend sent a message to his Chinese fans on the social media platform Weibo on Wednesday evening. In the video, Tyson shows off his speed by throwing a number of punches. He also shows off his physique, losing a significant amount of weight over the years.

"Hey I'm Mike Tyson, I'm on Weibo now and letting you know there's a possibility I might come back," he said on the video. "But if I do, I’m going to fight with the spirit of Mao." Tyson has lost 140 pounds over the last few years by doing more cardio and changing his diet. On SiriusXM's Rock The Bells Show, Tyson said he didn't want to die due to him being obese, which is an issue in his family. As he continues to get older, Tyson wants to continue to be more healthy.

"You are what you eat," he said, as transcribed by Metro. "I don't eat bread, I don't eat nothing like carbs, like potatoes. I don't eat nothing that puts on weight, nothing that has a calorie. I eat the things with the least calories possible. Blueberries, fish or something. That's very rare." Tyson is training as if he's ready to make a comeback. However, is he really going to make a return, or is he really just trying to live a healthier life? At 53 years old, Tyson is unlikely to make a run at the heavyweight title. However, it's possible we could see him take on former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, who is set to make a return to the ring soon.

Holyfield recently talked the Daily Mail about a possible bout with Tyson and said it if it happens, it will be just an exhibition match with no winner or loser. "Mike and I talked once about this (the exhibition) and from that point on his people have spoken to my people," he said, according to Essentially Sports. "We are not at a point where we are at an agreement but there have been conversations." That may not please too many fans who grew up watching both fighters, but with both being in their 50s, they aren't trying to get seriously injured.