Mike Tyson Was High During Roy Jones Jr. Fight: 'I Never Stopped Smoking'

Mike Tyson took on Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday night, and the fight ended in a draw. And when the fight came to an end, Tyson revealed that he was high during the exhibition match. It should come as no surprise for many, as Tyson started a marijuana company and avoided drug tests during his career.

“Absolutely yes… Listen, I can’t stop smoking,” he told reporters after the fight as reported by Complex. "I smoked during fights. I just have to smoke, I’m sorry. I’m a smoker. … I smoke every day. I never stopped smoking.” Tyson went on to say that smoking is a part of his routine and it never affected his in-ring performance. "It's just who I am," he said. "It has no effect on me from a negative standpoint. It's just what I do and how I am and how I’m going to die. There’s no explanation. There’s no beginning, there’s no end."

Last month, Tyson revealed that he used his child's urine to pass drug tests during the height of his career. "I put my baby’s urine in it. And sometimes, one time I was using my wife's [urine] and my wife was like 'Baby you better not hope that it comes back pregnant or something,' " Tyson said to Jeff Novitzky, UFC's vice president of athlete health and performance on his podcast Hotbixin' with Mike Tyson. "And I said, 'Nah, so we ain’t gonna use you anymore, we’re gonna use the kid.' Cuz I got scared that the piss might come back pregnant. ... That's what I was afraid of."

Tyson is clearly a fan of marijuana, on his podcast last year, Tyson revealed he smokes around $40,000 worth of pot and sells around $500,000 worth of cannabis each month from his ranch in California. “I can't believe we're doing this,” Tyson said. "I can't believe I'm talking, smoking on a f—ing podcast." What's also clear is his smoking didn't make a negative impact on his career. Tyson compiled a 50-6 record from 1985-2005 and reigned as undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990. He won the WBC Heavyweight Championship in 1986, becoming the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title (20 years old). He won his first 37 matches with his first loss coming against Buster Douglas in 1990.