Why Michael Strahan Fans Are Freaking out Over His His Behind-the-Scenes 'GMA' Video

Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan turned heads during his NFL career with his sack celebrations, but his ability to dance is not among the top reasons he has a sizable fanbase. That may be changing, however, with a recent behind-the-scenes video. Strahan posted a video on Instagram and Tik Tok that showed him dancing to co-host Keke Palmer's new single, "Virgo Tendencies."

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Strahan was sitting in the makeup chair at the start of the video, but he spun around and began acting out the words of Palmer's songs. He illustrated the heart on his shoulder and then made a show of fake-drinking something. The former New York Giants start continued to dance using his waving arms and bobbing head, which only entertained his fans even more.

"what moves are those ? Must be old lol. Have a great day," one fan commented on Instagram. Others chimed in to say that they were "crying" after watching Strahan dance around to his co-host's song. Although the theme of "old man moves" did make a return in various comments.

While some of Strahan's fans gave him grief for the dance moves that he displayed in the makeup chair, others felt that it was an improvement over his singing ability. The former NFL star made a promise to sing "Shallow" from the A Star is Born soundtrack, and he did just that. Although some commenters were not overly excited about the result.

"Dont quit your day job, your other day job, and your sports jobs!" one fan commented after watching Strahan show off his vocal prowess. Another called for him to keep both his day and night jobs. Whatever would keep him from continuing to sing.

Joking aside, the fans have enjoyed the content put on Instagram by Strahan. The former NFL defender has built up an even larger fanbase after walking away from the world of professional football. He is no longer chasing down Tom Brady or Brett Favre, but he is dancing and singing for an audience on both television and social media.


Strahan also realizes that part of his job is bringing a different form of entertainment to his fans. As he wrote in the caption of one Instagram post, "I am here to make you laugh... at my own expense!!"

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