Michael Phelps' Son Boomer Announces Birth of Family's Third Child

Swimmer and former Olympian, Michael Phelps hasn't been in the public eye since the 2016 Olympics, but he has been keeping busy while serving as a loving father and significant other. In the years since his departure from the sport, Phelps has been focused on raising his family and now there is another member to keep him busy. At least, according to his son, Boomer!

Wednesday morning, Boomer Phelps "posted" on Instagram that he was now an older brother for the second time. The 3-year-old wanted the world to welcome the new addition to the family, his youngest sibling, Maverick. This infant would now be joining him and Beckett to keep Michael and his wife, Nicole, very busy.

The Phelps family announced the pregnancy back in April 2019 on Instagram, showing both Beckett and Boomer sitting in a car that featured gold balloons spelling out "baby."

With the third child having arrived, it would be expected that Phelps is getting the hang of being a dad. After all, the man with 13 gold medals to his name has shown the ability to continue improving at everything that he attempts. However, he told PEOPLE that being a parent is a very unique learning process.

"I have learned a lot of patience," said Phelps. "Being able to be at that point where we are able to teach and raise our two kids exactly how we want is a journey we are really looking forward to and is going to be super fun. But I believe we are really just getting started. We are looking forward to wherever this is going to take us. It's been a great learning process. But I think the biggest thing is patience."

"It is difficult, but you just figure it out and make it work. That is what you do as parents. There is no manual on how to do it. You figure it out along the way."

If the Watt brothers (J.J., Derek, T.J.) are any indication, Phelps and Nicole will have their hands full with three children that have that competitive DNA in them. The Watts have all become NFL stars, but that only happened after they grew up competing with each other. J.J. even explained to the Team Never Quit Podcast that fighting and competing with them on a daily basis significantly affected him in his athletic pursuits.


Obviously, Phelps competed in a very different sport than the Watt brothers, but it's very likely that his sons will have that same competitive fire ingrained in them from birth. Will this trio keep Phelps busy on a daily basis? It's guaranteed.