Michael Jordan's Daughter Says Bulls Star Ignoring 'The Last Dance' Reactions, Memes

Michael Jordan has inspired several memes throughout his life, including the "crying Jordan." These increased in frequency following The Last Dance, a 10-part documentary about his final season with the Chicago Bulls. However, the Hall of Famer has not paid attention to the memes or animated GIFs, according to his daughter.

Jasmine Jordan spoke to Entertainment Tonight, revealing how her father isn't paying "any attention" to the reactions on social media. She said that the family is happy about the success, but they aren't focusing on the new memes featuring Jordan laughing while watching another interview. They are just enjoying revisiting this final season and the sixth NBA title.

"We are all very happy to see how successful the doc has been and to see athletes, fans, new fans etcetera," Jasmine said. "Obviously, with the coronavirus, we all watched separately versus watching together, but we had a running group text thread. We would talk about what was happening, laugh at seeing our younger selves in some of the episodes and ask my dad any questions we might've had."

The laughing Jordan meme has been popular throughout The Last Dance. Viewers have used the image to create their own storylines about big moments from sports history, though several others have created a thread about music choices featuring the video of Jordan dancing in the rear of an airplane.

While many viewers have relished the opportunity to post more Jordan memes on social media, there are others more focused on a different aspect of the documentary. Many wondered why Jasmine's mother, Juanita, did not appear. According to the 27-year-old, the reason is that Juanita "already lived it."


"The doc's focus was on the team as a whole and their last season," Jasmine said. "My dad is a major focal point, obviously, but it still was about the team as a whole in their final run together, so that's why she wasn't in it." The final run took place in 1998 and featured the Bulls winning their sixth NBA title during Jordan's tenure.

The 10-part documentary series about the Chicago Bulls is over, but the memes continue. NBA fans will continue to use the various "Jordan faces" to entertain others on social media, especially during major sports events. However, the six-time champion will not be witness to these memes. He will simply be enjoying his life while the internet continues to create content.