Michael Irvin Gives Wild, Passionate Speech Ahead of Miami Hurricanes Game

As Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin showed this week, the opening day of college football is a very special occasion. It's the beginning of the long trek to the playoffs and the NCAA Championship Game, and every fanbase is filled with hope. Of course, ESPN went all out to start the season, utilizing one of the most historic matchups in college football, Miami (FL) vs. Florida.

To celebrate the upcoming battle against the Gators while getting the team properly fired up for battle, Miami brought in Irvin, AKA the Playmaker, to give a speech to his alma mater. The standout wide receiver for The U and the Dallas Cowboys is one of the most excitable figures in football, and he just proved that fact with a rousing speech to the team.

Irvin went all out, screaming into the microphone about stomping on necks and taking out hearts. He even wore a gigantic "U" necklace, which is known as the turnover chain.

As those that have ever watched NFL Network's NFL GameDay Morning or ESPN's First Take know, Irvin is a very excitable man, especially when it comes to his favorite team. He routinely yells into the camera when the Dallas Cowboys are mentioned, Whenever he appears on First Take to argue with noted Cowboys hater Stephen A. Smith, Irvin even brings his own towel to wipe up all of the sweat.

As it turns out, he gets equally as fired up about the school he attended. For three seasons (1985-1987), Irvin was an integral part of the Hurricanes' offense, racking up 2,423 receiving yards and 26 touchdowns. This production led to Irvin being selected 11th overall in the 1988 NFL Draft, which he used as an opportunity to turn in a Hall of Fame career.


Irvin obviously loves his former school and equally despises the Florida Gators due to the longstanding rivalry, and he wants to get his team properly fired up to achieve a season-opening victory. When it comes to making rousing speeches and leaving the stage dripping in sweat, no one is better. If the Hurricanes football team wasn't fired up after watching Irvin scream into a microphone, they may need to get their adrenal glands examined.