Major Update on Britt Reid Car Crash Case

Britt Reid, the son of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, was involved in a multi-car crash [...]

Britt Reid, the son of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, was involved in a multi-car crash in early February that sent a 5-year-old girl to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Months later, the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office has announced it is reviewing the crash. Reid could face charges stemming from the incident.

According to Fox 4 Kansas City, the prosecutor's office said that the review began earlier in the week. There is no set timetable for when the review will be complete. The incident occurred when a driver in a Chevrolet Impala on the southbound ramp from Stadium Drive ran out of gas and called for help. Family in a Chevrolet Traverse showed up to provide assistance. The crash report said that Reid was traveling in a white Ram Laramie pickup truck to get onto I-435 when he struck the Impala and then the Traverse from behind.

A GoFundMe campaign organized to raise funds for the little girl, Ariel Young, and her family has continued to provide updates about her recovery from the crash. The latest, which posted on March 27, said that she remains in the hospital. It also talked about Reid and the lack of charges against him.

"Ariel remains in the hospital, she is getting a little better each day but she still has a long road to recovery," the GoFundMe campaign said. "Britt Reid is out everyday living his normal life while she cannot, please don't let her story be forgotten. Court will take a long time and we don't know what will be the outcome of it all. So please keep sharing her story and praying for her and the family. Thank you."

The GoFundMe has raised more than $544,000 after more than 13,000 donors have chipped in. Many have added messages along with their donations saying that they "can't imagine" going through a similar situation in their own lives. Others have called for Reid to face justice for driving under the influence.

The search warrant said that Reid's eyes were bloodshot. The officer smelled "a moderate odor of alcoholic beverages." According to the warrant, Reid told the officer that he had two to three drinks. He also said that he took prescription Adderall before driving.

Following the crash, the Chiefs placed Reid on administrative leave. He did not travel with the team to Tampa for Super Bowl LV. Reid is no longer on the team's staff after his contract expired. This lack of a contract does not mean that Reid will not rejoin the team at a later date, depending on the potential charges.