Magic Johnson Gets Restraining Order for Himself, Employees

A judge has granted NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson a temporary restraining order for himself and a handful of his employees due to threats. A man named Willie Frazier has reportedly harassed Johnson and his staff. The list of incidents includes him showing up at Johnson's office building and making it past security.

TMZ obtained legal documents detailing the harassment Johnson and his employees have faced. According to the report, Frazier started by sending correspondence to Magic's personal and business addresses. He demanded money and claimed that Johnson stole documents from him. Additionally, Frazier accused the former NBA player of stealing his identity.

TMZ also reports that Johnson and his staff tried to ignore the demands. However, Johnson and his employees received voicemails every week. Examples of these calls included Frazier claiming that he was with the FBI and threatening to harm Johnson and his staff if they didn't do what he wanted.

The reported final straw that ultimately led to the restraining order was an incident in 2020. Frazier came to Johnson's office building twice and managed to get past security. He rode the elevator to Johnson's floor and tried without success to get into the suite. Frazier ultimately slipped a list of demands under the door.

According to the documents, the Hall of Famer classified the behavior as stalking, and a judge agreed after hearing from multiple employees. The judge granted the temporary restraining order. Now Frazier has to remain at least 100 yards away from Johnson and some of his employees.

A 13-year NBA veteran who led the Lakers to five championships in his career, Johnson is retired but still puts in work on a daily basis. He runs Magic Johnson Enterprises, "an investment conglomerate valued at an estimated $1 billion dollars." According to CNBC, the company formed partnerships with companies such as Starbucks and Sony Pictures in order to bring movie theaters and coffee shops to underserved companies. MJE currently invests in several other industries, including esports and hospitality.


In addition to his work with MJE, Johnson also co-owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. He remains busy on a daily basis. "I love working," Johnson told CNBC. "I spend all my time working and with my family. That's it. I love those two things."

Unfortunately for Johnson, part of the time at work was spent dealing with calls and demands from Frazier. Now the NBA Hall of Famer will hope that the "stalking" will come to an end following the temporary restraining order.