Luke Perry's Son Jack, aka Jungle Boy, Makes Crazy Tower Climb That Easily Could Have Turned Tragic

Actor Luke Perry drew attention for his acting skills prior to his death in 2019, but his son routinely puts different abilities on display. The All Elite Wrestling star known as "Jungle Boy" Jack has to train for his in-ring exploits, and often does so in unique ways. He proved this to be true by recently climbing an electrical tower.

Jack posted a video on his Instagram account that showed him scaling the leg of a tower in the hills outside of Los Angeles. The ascent didn't appear to be an issue as Jack continued to make progress. As he climbed, a drone filming the entire sequence zoomed out and showed the sheer scale of the electrical tower. The size didn't ultimately matter as Jack continued to climb until he was sitting at the top and looking over the City of Angels.

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"The dumbest and scariest thing I've ever done. Don't repeat. I had to make sure the world was still there. Would have done it in [Crocs] but they haven't sent my sister s—. Thanks [Danny Casillas III] for always being there. Stay safe everybody," Jack wrote in the caption of his Instagram video.

Following this video being posted on Instagram, there were several users wondering what made Jack decide to climb the tower. Some said that this clip made them nervous while another said that the AEW star could "go to jail" due to his actions. Fellow wrestler, Chris Jericho, simply asked: "[What the f—] are u doing kid??"

This isn't the first unique training that Jack has put on display. He previously posted a video that showed him doing "redneck parkour" on a farm. In this video, he was riding on the back of an ATV driven by his sister. Although the trip was relatively short-lived.

Jack jumped off the back of the vehicle and landed atop a round bale of hay. He then proceeded to sprint across more than a dozen that were arranged in the field. The professional wrestler capped off his feat by doing a front flip off the final bale of hay and finishing with a forward roll.

Climbing tall towers and doing front flips have been integral to Jack's career. He and many of his fellow wrestlers have been utilizing acrobatic maneuvers in the ring and will continue to do so in the future. Although climbing a tower without any form of harness or gear may not be the safest choice.


Photo Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images