Emotional Moment for LSU's Clyde Edwards-Helaire Goes Viral, But Everyone Is Focused on This One Aspect

LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire was one of the big reasons his team was able to earn a huge win over Alabama on Saturday night. And after the game, the star running back shared an emotional moment with what appears to be his father, which was caught on video and it went viral.

And while fans were talking about that moment, one of the other things that stood out was a woman who was yelling out "No. 22" as she was trying to get Edwards-Helarie's attention despite being in the middle of something more important.

That led to fans going after the woman on Twitter. One fan wrote, Oh dear God, that's extremely unsettling." Another fan wrote, "She believes that she has a right to him, so how dare anyone (including his father) interrupt that ..." And this fan wrote, "She's gonna ask to speak to the manager for not getting an immediate response."

More fans continued to attack the woman for trying to interrupt Edwards-Helaire. One fan wrote, "Entitlement is one of the ugliest characteristics people can have. Didn't even know his name but felt entitled to have a picture. She prob bashed him later calling him selfish." Another fan wrote, "What is so important that she needs to tell them other than asking to take a selfie? And another fan kept it real by writing, "I would have smacked her!!"

Edwards-Helaire is probably not worried about the woman because he helped his team take down Alabama, who was the No. 2 team in the country. LSU entered the game No. 1, but the Tigers were considered the underdog. But Edwards-Helaire showed why LSU is the nation's best team, rushing for 103 yards and three touchdowns while catching nine passes for 77 yards and one touchdown. After Saturday's game, Edwards-Helarie might be LSU's most dangerous weapon on offense.


''I came into this year, kinda the starter,'' Edwards-Helaire said per Yahoo Sports. ''Solidified myself, being able to play in these games. Week in and week out, always being doubted. Come in, probably be doubted again next week. But that's something that motivates me.''

Edwards-Helaire is one of the top running backs in the SEC, rushing for 786 yards and 11 touchdowns on 135 carries. He has also caught 28 passes for 202 yards and one score.