Antonio Brown vs. Logan Paul Fight Apparently Not Happening

YouTube star Logan Paul and former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown have been hyping up a boxing match for months with the expectation that they would ultimately meet in the ring. They even faced off during the MAXIM Havana Nights Super Bowl party in Miami in early February. However, the fight now appears to be canceled.

Paul clarified the situation recently during a discussion with TMZ. He was asked about the potential bout and if it would still be happening. Paul said that the fight would no longer be taking place. He didn't say who had called the event off but did provide a brief insight into a social media interaction that took place.

"He DM'd me, and he said something like 'I'm expecting a national apology,'" Paul told TMZ. "And I said 'I'm sorry you're a b–.' I really am. That dude, like he needs some help."

Brown has not confirmed that the bout is officially canceled, but the current expectation is that it will not be happening. Prior to Paul's announcement, the veteran wideout had started his training. He posted a video of him throwing gloves, which was picked up by DAZN, a live-streaming sports service that often features boxing matches.

During an interview with Complex, Brown also revealed that he was planning on heading to Las Vegas to train with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Although he did want to make sure that Paul confirmed the fight before booking his trip.

"Yeah, I'm going to be out in Vegas," Brown said. "If Logan confirms, if he's serious about it. I don't want him to be writing checks you can't cash, you know, you're coming after me for a couple of months. So I finally just hit him up like, 'Hey man, I've seen this too much.' He must really want to make this happen."


Now that the fight has been called off, Brown will continue training for what he hopes to be a comeback in the NFL. He has been putting in work at his gym 84/7 Fitness with plans of making his return after only appearing in one game during the 2019 season. Brown would prefer to be on the same roster as Tom Brady, who just inked a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it's unclear if the team would consider signing him.

(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty)