Lebron James Called out by Spectator After Dropping F-Bomb During Game: 'Watch Your Mouth'

LeBron James is viewed as one of the NBA's biggest stars, but that doesn't mean that he can walk around cursing without repercussions. He learned this on Sunday night during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves after "dropping an f-bomb." James was immediately told to watch his mouth.

As a video posted showed, the Lakers star yelled f— as he was walking down the court on Sunday night. Los Angeles was winning by eight points in the second quarter, but he was frustrated with something that had happened. In response, a woman in the crowd could be seen saying, "watch your mouth."

There obviously was no audio of the fan in attendance, but users on social media had absolutely no problem reading her lips.

Following this incident, James and the Lakers would go on to win 142-125. This extended their win streak to four games and overall record to 21-3. James only played 28 minutes during this battle due to foul problems, but he was effective with 32 points, 13 assists, four rebounds, and a steal. There was no information provided as to whether or not James watched his mouth for the remainder of the game.

As it turns out, the bigger story during this game in which James caught flak for cursing was something that happened on the sidelines. Musician Lizzo stood up and began twerking while her song Juice played, but she did so in a revealing outfit.

Surrounding fans were surprised to see Lizzo in a t-shirt dress that had the backside cut out to reveal her bare behind. Her thong was clearly visible while dancing, which sparked multiple debates on social media. Some fans even called for the Staples Center to ban Lizzo after this incident.

This battle between the Lakers and Timberwolves was made memorable for the multiple moments both on the court and off, all of which were immortalized on social media. Although James being told off after cursing was one that sparked laughter from a multitude of Twitter users.


Now, however, the Lakers will face off with the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night. The two teams are far apart in the win-loss column, but James and co. will still be searching for a victory to keep them atop the NBA's Western Conference.

Photo Credit: Katharine Lotze/Getty