LeBron James Asks Fans for Help in Solving Murder of Friend's Sister

Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James has sent out a request to residents in Akron, Ohio, to help solve a murder. Someone fatally shot a childhood friend's sister earlier in the week, and James wants to find out who committed the crime. He is turning to the fans and hoping to find out the identity of the shooter.

"AKRON OHIO!! My brother’s sister was murdered this past weekend in her home! My brother family need answers to why and by whom. My city I need y’all to go to work and find out who did this awful, shameful, disgusting thing to such a caring, loving angel! [Justice 4 Erica Weems]" James tweeted on Wednesday. The case is currently under investigation, and the police do not have any suspects.

James grew up with Weems' brother, Brandon Weems, the director of scouting for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two men met around 5 or 6 while playing Pee Wee football. They went on to play basketball at St. Vincent-St. Mary. James spoke about his relationship with Brandon in 2015, saying, "I make sure I look out for him. He’s my little brother."

According to the New York Post, 37-year-old Ericka Weems was found around 3 p.m. on Monday at her home in Akron. She had a gunshot wound to the head. Weems, who owned a daycare in Columbus, was supposed to babysit for a friend on Monday. However, the person could not get in touch with her, so the friend called her sister, Shermaine Weems-Reed. The sister went to the home and made the discovery.

"I just knew in my heart something was wrong and it was," Weems-Reed told News 5 in Cleveland. Her father, Darrell Weems, told the station that he last saw her on Saturday night. "She left me about 9 o’clock. I told her to call me when she got home, and she never called. I called her all day Sunday. No answer," he said.


Weems closed her daycare in Columbus and moved back to Akron over the summer. She ran a daycare out of her home. "She had a passion and love for children," Brandon said. "She could get kids to say and do things that even their parents couldn’t do."

According to News 5, the detectives have many unanswered questions about Weems' death. They want to know if she knew the murderer and let them into the house. They are also trying to determine if this incident started as a break-in and if anything is missing from the home.