Lakers Fans Rally Behind Team to Win for Kobe Bryant in Latest Game Against Rival Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the Boston Celtics on Sunday, one day before Staples Center will be the home of the public memorial for Kobe Bryant. Games between the two longtime rivals are always a national TV event, evoking memories of Bill Russell, Kareem, Magic, and Larry Bird. Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and many others are also included in that conversation, making Sunday's game extra special.

Before the game started, many fans took to Twitter to call out the team and inspire them to hopefully defeat the Celtics, getting some "revenge" for Bryant.

"For [now] though, this big Lakers game in a huge rivalry game!! They've got to avenge their blowout loss from the first game this season and also win this one for Kobe!!!!" one excited fan wrote.

"No way you can think watch Celtics Vs Lakers without thinking about the 2008 and 2010 Finals. Today Marks 4 Weeks and it still doesn't feel real," another added referencing the run of showdowns Bryant had with the Celtics and their new big three.

"Yesterday Was A Horrible Day For Black History Month Lakers Destroying The Celtics For Kobe Would Make Up For It," a third wrote, raising the stakes with a Black History Month reference.

The game already had a special feel given the Celtics plans to stay extra time in Los Angeles to attend Bryant's public memorial on Monday. Celtics players also wore purple armbands as a tribute to the fallen NBA legend, showing respect to their rivals ahead of the game's tipoff.

Jaylen Brown spoke about how special the memorial will be and his thanks for the Celtics being allowed to stick around to attend.

"We're so thankful and humble and appreciative of what he added to the game," Brown said. "Any time you get the opportunity to thank the basketball gods for delivering Kobe Bryant, we'll try to do that."


Fans looking to watch the memorial have options. While tickets have been sold and fans have been asked not to crowd around the outside of Staples Center, there will be no shortage of television coverage.

ABC News will share coverage of the memorial on ABC News Live, which will have commercial-free streaming coverage live from Los Angeles. It's scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT. Also, ABC NewsOne will provide full coverage with correspondent Elena Gomez reporting from the Staples Center. The memorial will also be shown on BET.