Lakers Fans Convince LeBron James to Yell 'Taco Tuesday' After Spurs Win

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has long been known for celebrating Taco Tuesday by yelling the phrase in multiple videos. This brought about some criticism over the summer, but not everyone was opposed to this weekly tradition. In fact, a few of his fans convinced James to say "Taco Tuesday" following a key victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

Following a 114-104 win over the Spurs on Monday evening, the Lakers headed to a local San Antonio restaurant to get some much-needed dinner. The team was greeted by some fans that were in search of a quick moment to say hello to Anthony Davis and some of the other big names on the roster.

When James walked in, however, the fans began repeating Taco Tuesday in an effort to draw his attention. He responded by laughing and yelling the phrase in return.

The fans in attendance at the restaurant may have loved seeing James yell Taco Tuesday, but this is something that created a stir in late July. The veteran NBA player received a fair amount of criticism after he posted a video in which he yelled the phrase with an accent.

"Here's social justice warrior LeBron James, who was offended by the word posse, pretending to be Mexican on Taco Tuesday," sports radio host Clay Travis wrote on Twitter.
"Can you imagine if a prominent white, black or Hispanic athlete pretended to be black while eating fried chicken?"

Travis was not the only one to lob criticism towards James. George Jarjour of Sports on Tap also said that he was not offended by the accent, but he wanted to shine a light on what he believed to be a double standard.

Despite the criticism, James did not stop yelling Taco Tuesday. In fact, he even shouted it at the Staples Center during a blowout win by the Lakers.


Following this victory over the Spurs, it appears that James is clearly enjoying his second season with the Lakers. The four-time MVP and three-time NBA Champion is averaging 25.6 points per game while the Lakers are leading the league with a 15-2 record. They have also won eight consecutive games heading into a Wednesday battle with the New Orleans Pelicans. A spot in the playoffs isn't guaranteed, but it appears likely for the fan of tacos.

(Photo Credit: Darren Carroll/NBAE/Getty)