LA Rams' Mascot and Cheerleaders Ordered off the Field On-Air, and Fans Are Laughing out Loud

The Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders and mascot made headlines this week for not the right reasons. As they were doing a live shot during the game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night, they were ordered off the field so the two teams could get back to playing the game. NBC Sports filmed the event and it got a laugh from broadcaster Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

And it also led to a number of Twitter users poking fun at the Rams cheerleaders and mascot. A number of fans took aim at the mascot because he was walking awkwardly back the sidelines.

Another fan thought the Rams should have been hit with a delay of game penalty. And another fan thought the cheerleaders were playing better than the Rams defense.

The good news for the cheerleaders and mascot is the Rams won the game 28-12 and they keep their playoff hopes alive. They still have some work to do, but getting a win over the Seahawks after losing to them earlier in the year will give them some momentum for the final three games of the year. One of the big reasons the Rams won (other than the cheerleaders and mascot) was the play of running back Todd Gurley who rushed for 79 yards and one touchdown on 23 carries. The former Offensive Player of the Year has been used more in recent weeks and head coach Sean McVay recently explained why.

"Me not being an idiot," McVay told reporters last week. "I think he's felt good and, really, he's done a nice job with that. You look at the Chicago game and then kind of just going from there, you don't want to make the same mistakes that you ended up making earlier on in the season. I think he's done a nice job handling a bigger workload, but then also, you do have confidence in those other guys if they need to give him a spell."


The Rams' final home game is on Dec. 29. Hopefully, the cheerleaders and mascot won't be yelled at by the referee.