Kyle Busch Reveals Goals for Rest of NASCAR Career (Exclusive)

Kyle Busch just missed out on being one of the four drivers competing in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race on Sunday. And while Busch has already accomplished a lot in his NASCAR career, he's ready to take things to the next level. recently caught up with the two-time Cup Series Champion who revealed what he wants to accomplish before his career is said and done. 

"I feel like I'm still in the prime of my career. I've got some good years left ahead of me. So I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to get another championship, two or three, hopefully. And then, of course, also reaching about 100 wins. That would certainly be nice. We're two championships in. We're 60 race victories in. So it'd be nice to continue to elevate that total, and also win a Daytona 500. That's one of the biggest races of our sport. Actually, the biggest race of our sport. I've yet to win that one, so would certainly love to be able to get that check box under my belt."

Busch won the Cup Series title in 2015 and 2019. When it comes to all-time wins, Busch ranks ninth all-time behind Dale Earnhardt. If he reaches 100 wins, Busch, who is the all-time active leader in wins, would be one of three drivers to reach that mark. The two drivers who have 100 wins or more are David Pearson (105) and Richard Petty (200). And for the Daytona 500, Busch came close to winning it in 2019, finishing in second place. He also finished third in the race in 2016.

Busch will now focus on the 2022 season, and it starts with a huge event. On February 6, the drivers will compete in the Busch Clash at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which is home to the USC Trojans football team. Busch knows that the race in a venue known for football will make things really interesting. 


"It's going to be tough," Busch said. "Course is going to be very tight. I predict there's going to be a lot of action. I don't know how fast we'll really be able to get to go. It's not going to be a speed race track, where you go to some of these speedways and you run 190 miles an hour. It's going to be pretty slow, but still, you're going to be bumping and grinding and all over everybody, just trying to figure out your way of being able to pass by them."