Kobe Bryant’s Estate Might Be Sued Over Helicopter Crash, John Salley Speculates

Following Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash two weeks ago, the primary focus has been on the upcoming memorial service and the various tributes that have been taking place. Former NBA player John Salley, on the other hand, is concerned about something else. He is worried about the people coming after Bryant's estate in search of money.

Speaking with Vlad TV on YouTube during a multi-part conversation, Salley explained that there are dangers due to the number of victims and bystanders. He is expecting some individuals to seek out money, but he hopes that the discussions don't become news stories.

"I just hope that the whole money thing doesn't get to be public," Salley said. "I hope it's all handled out, and that it's handled out well."

As he continued to explain, Salley expects that there will be "sharks" coming out in pursuit of money. He is anticipating bystanders and others to say that they deserve money simply because they saw the helicopter en route to its final destination.

"The guy who was on the bike is probably going to have a little something," Salley said. "That he had to watch it and that his camera was filming it. It's gonna be everybody, the sharks come out. I'm glad right now it's not around. I'm glad it's still hitting home."

Salley is not the only individual that has brought up a potential lawsuit in the weeks following this helicopter crash. The Recorder spoke with U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo, a partner at Motley Rice. This firm previously brought a lawsuit over the crash of a U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter, which is a Sikorsky similar to the one carrying Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others.

As Schiavo explained, there are several factors that will be examined, including the instructions provided by air traffic control, the pilot's performance, and whether or not Bryant had any financial interest in Island Express.

Schiavo said that the factors in play will determine who "foots the bill" for the lawsuit, but he doesn't see a scenario in which there isn't a lawsuit. He fully expects one to be filed in the future.


For now, however, Salley is just happy that nothing has been filed in the two weeks following the crash. He doesn't want the "sharks" coming out in pursuit of some quick money based on the tragic crash.

(Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty)