Julian Edelman Makes Patriots Rookie Chase Winovich Dress Like Elsa From 'Frozen'

Rookie hazing is viewed as an important part of teambuilding in the NFL, but New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman may be taking it to a new level. Instead of making his young teammates buy him a steak dinner or carry his shoulder pads to the locker room, the man known as "Jules" is making them play dress up. Specifically, he had linebacker Chase Winovich dress up like a character from Frozen.

Wednesday morning, Edelman released his official review of Frozen II on his YouTube channel, calling it a "tense, psychological thriller." Although he did later change his opinion to say that the movie is a "delightful jaunt" and that it can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

To truly take his movie review to the next level, however, Edelman had Winovich walk in wearing the iconic dress of Elsa, who is portrayed by actress Kristen Bell. The linebacker's long blonde hair was also braided to truly capture the essence of the character.

This appearance was short-lived, however, as Winovich began to sing Let it Go while digital snow fell. Edelman quickly remembered that Movie Tyme is not a singing show, so he told the rookie linebacker to leave.

While this review of Frozen II is not the most in-depth critique ever created, it isn't the only movie review on Edelman's YouTube channel. The defending Super Bowl MVP has actually discussed multiple pieces of cinema in recent months, including Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

None of these reviews are serious, and they actually follow the tone of many of Edelman's videos. The longtime Patriots receiver wants to show his goofier side on the internet, and he does so with a wide variety of videos. Some showcase him skateboard or making protein smoothies while others follow his career as a fake policeman.

One of Edelman's videos drew more attention than most, however, as he provided a rare glimpse into the man that is head coach Bill Belichick. In a behind-the-scenes clip from his Showtime documentary, 100%: Julian Edelman, the receiver told a tale of the time he went to the Patriots facility late at night and was greeted by the sight of a naked Belichick getting out of the hot tub.

"We're supposed to have shorts on," Edelman said in the clip. "Supposed to have shorts. But I guess at 11 o'clock, when you're the GOAT of coaching you go wherever you want, free — free ball. So I had to hide my absolute face of terror after seeing what I saw and sit in the hot tub."


While this discussion about the head coach was slightly more NSFW, it did provide a similar level of entertainment as the review of Frozen II. Although there were decidedly fewer instances of rookies dressing up like animated characters.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty