John Daly Tees-Off in Golf Round With President Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump is a divisive figure in the sports world. Some athletes despise him and his policies while others are fans. Golfer John Daly left no questions about his feelings for President Trump on Monday with a photo on his Twitter profile.

The golfer with five PGA Tour victories to his name posted a photo of himself and President Trump at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey. The two were spending the afternoon hitting the links and enjoying each other's company.

As Daly said in the caption, "I'm proud to be an AMERICAN, especially w/this man leading our country! One of the greatest days of my life! Thx you for a great day #potus #dad are the best!" Daly also included many other hashtags describing President Trump as the greatest leader of our country.

Daly enjoying his time with the president should not come as a surprise considering that he has been friends with Trump since they met in 1992. Additionally, Daly is a Republican and has publicly voiced his support for the president in the past.

According to USA Today, Daly defended President Trump in 2017 when protests were being planned for one of his golf courses. As Daly said, he supports Trump and doesn't pay attention to the protests.

"I just ignore them," Daly said. "I think that's the thing you got to do. He's the President of the United States; I think people need to get on his wagon and ride with him and let him do what he's doing and leave him alone. It's not going to change for at least, you know, this year and three more.

"So, it just seems like the Democrats always have a problem when a Republican gets in office. Republicans seem to kind of put up with the Democrats sometimes, we just go along with it. But I think they just need to leave him alone and let him do what he's doing. I think he's doing a hell of a job. I really do."


While there are plenty of other athletes that will disagree with Daly's assessment of the situation, that doesn't mean that he will be switching it up. He has been friends with Trump since 1992, and that will not be changing anytime soon. The pair will continue to play golf together when given the opportunity, and Daly will post about it on Twitter.