John Daly Says Former President Bill Clinton Is a Golf Cheat, Not Donald Trump

Professional golfer John Daly has been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump throughout his term, but he took it to another level this week. As he explained to TMZ Sports, Daly believes that President Trump is one of the best golfers to inhabit the Oval Office, and suggests he gets a bad rap in regard to his course ethics.

Rick Reilly recently released a book about Trump's alleged habit of cheating on the golf course, which he aptly called Commander in Cheat. This piece is an in-depth dive into the ways that the president has avoided playing cleanly, which has also been a topic of conversation with celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and Oscar De La Hoya. Well, Daly does not appreciate the talk about Trump. In fact, he thinks he is a far more ethical player than some other figures.

"It's funny how these people say, 'does he cheat?' Well, when he goes out and plays, if he hits a bad shot, he might hit a Mulligan, but he doesn't count it when we're playing the match."

These comments from Daly came after he spent an afternoon golfing with Trump. The golfer with five PGA Tour victories to his name posted a photo of himself and Trump at his Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey. The two were spending the afternoon hitting the links and enjoying each other's company.

They didn't keep score, according to Daly, but they ultimately defeated some of Trump's friends. As Daly explained to TMZ, Trump is one of the better golfers that he has ever spent time with, and he is certainly not a cheater. In reality, Daly believes that a previous president was a much dirtier player than the man that currently resides in the White House.