John Cena Reveals 'CTC' Shad Gaspard Tribute, Possibly Confirming $40K GoFundMe Donation

Did John Cena just make a massive donation to the family of Shad Gaspard on GoFundme? It seems like it's very possible as the former WWE Champion hinted at it on his Instagram account. Cena doesn't write anything on his captions on his Instagram post, but he shared a photo of him Gaspard and JTG spraypainting JBL's limo. Cena painted "CTC," which stands for Cryme Tyme Cenation. And on the GoFundMe page, a person named "CTC" donated $40,000 to Gaspard's family as he died while getting caught in a riptide last week.

"As many of you have heard on Sunday (May 17th) tragedy hit as Shad Gaspard went swimming with his son Aryeh - when they got caught in a riptide," the description on GoFundMe stated. "When the lifeguards went to rescue them, Shad made the ultimate sacrifice and told them to save his son instead. Family meant everything to Shad so we want to do anything we can to love and support them during this difficult time." Gaspard and JTG made up the tag team Cryme Tyme and got together with Cena in 2008. Cryme Tyme Cenation didn't last long due to Cena being injured, but they were fan favorites. Cryme Tyme's partnership with Cena led to the team competing for the tag team titles the following year at SummerSlam. Cryme Tyme didn't win the titles and ultimately the team was no more by 2010.

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Along with Cena rumored to donate, there have been significant donations by other members of the pro wrestling family. Tony Khan, the owner of AEW and co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, donated $10,000. Chris Jericho donated $5,000, Cody and Brandi Rhodes donated $1,000 and Mick Foley donated $500. As of Monday afternoon, there have been over $138,000 raised for the Gaspard family.


"Thanks for the years of sports entertainment," one fan wrote on the GoFundMe page. Cryme Tyme made me look forward to Monday's. I am so proud of your heroic reputation not once but twice and so many other times you've been a hero. Thanks Shad! Blessings to Gaspard family." There have also been a number of current and former pro wrestlers to pay tribute to Gaspard including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Roman Reigns, Dave Bautista, Triple H and the Bella Twins.