Former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin Reportedly Could Run Colin Kaepernick Workout

Colin Kaepernick is scheduled to work out in Atlanta on Saturday and all 32 NFL teams have been invited by the NFL to attend. However, there are some things the NFL needs to iron out including getting players to catch passes from Kaepernick and finding a coach to run the workout. According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the league will likely ask former Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin to run the workout which will be closed to the public and the media. Robinson said the league will likely ask him on Thursday since time is against them.

"#NFL will likely ask longtime veteran coach Joe Philbin to handle the drills in the Colin Kaepernick workout on Saturday. Today is an important day to make this happen. Late Wednesday night, no throwing program had been scripted and no players had been locked down to catch balls," Robinson wrote on Twitter.

While it seems like the NFL is rushing to get this done, based on recent reports concerning the workout, it shouldn't be a surprise as since teams are confused about the workout itself. With it being on a Saturday, coaches won't be able to attend because they are getting ready for a game as most of the games will be played the following day. Having it on a Saturday means the representatives who attend the workout won't be decision-makers or people that have a lot of say when it comes to evaluating talent.

If Philbin does decide to run the workout, Kaepernick will be working with a coach who has experience working with quarterbacks and offenses. Before Philbin became the head coach of the Dolphins, he was a longtime assistant of the Green Bay Packers. He was the team's offensive coordinator from 2007-2011 and helped the team win the Super Bowl in 2010. He also helped quarterback Aaron Rodgers win his first MVP award in 2011, which led to him being hired by the Dolphins in 2012.


Things did not go well for Philbin in Miami, posting a 24-28 record from 2012-2015. He then became the assistant head coach and offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts for two seasons. Philbin returned to the Packers in 2018 where he was the offensive coordinator and the interim head coach when Mike McCarthy was fired.