Joe Burrow: Old Row Reacts to LSU's QB Wears Their 'Big D— Joe' Hat After Defeating Clemson

On Monday, Jan. 13, Joe Burrow led LSU to the win against Clemson during the National Championship game. Following the team's win, the quarterback, naturally, celebrated alongside his teammates. However, his celebration involved holding a baseball cap that read, "Big D— Joe" on it, which prompted plenty of reactions from those online. Now, the company behind the controversial hat, Old Row, is speaking out about the football star's NSFW look.

The brand posted many photos of Burrow and the "Big D— Joe" hat on their official Instagram account. They also included a bevy of other items that fans of LSU might like.

"Last night, Joe Burrow wore our BIG D— JOE hat in the locker room while blasting a victory cigar," they captioned the slideshow. "LEGEND." Old Row also included a link to the hat so that fans could don their very own Burrow-approved look.

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Of course, Burrow did more than showcase his new Old Row gear after the game, he also spoke out about what it meant for his team to win the esteemed honor.

"It's years of hard work paying off," Burrow said about the win, per 247 Sports. "This is an incredible moment for our program, for Baton Rouge and for Louisiana. This is just so special that I'm kind of speechless."

The college athlete also addressed the fact that his team was down at one point and how they managed to make a comeback.

"We were down 17-7 and we never flinched," he shared. "We had some tough breaks getting backed up inside our own five at times. They had a really good plan early. Once we figured out what they were trying to do, our coaches put together a great gameplan at halftime and we started to roll."

What made this recent game so special was the fact that his dad was in the stands cheering him on, as Burrow went on to share with 248 Sports.

"My dad won a Grey Cup in Canada but there was kind of this Burrow curse," he related. "My brother lost a national championship. I lost a state championship. Both my brothers did too. This is kind of our first one. This is special."


Burrow's college football career may be over following the National Championship game, but the Heisman Trophy winner is expected to head to the NFL. It has been reported that he'll land at the Cincinnati Bengals after being the first overall draft pick of the 2020 NFL draft.

Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images