Jim Edmonds Seemingly Shades Ex-Wife, 'RHOC' Star Meghan King in Post About Narcissism

Jim Edmonds is not holding back when talking about his ex-wife, Meghan King. The former Major League Baseball star took to social media this week to seemingly talk about King being a narcissist while they were married. Edmonds filed for divorce back in October.

"A narcissist will hurt you and hurt you, again and again, waiting for the moment that you retaliate. Just so they can play the victim," read one of the many memes shared to Edmonds story this week as mentioned by InTouch Weekly. Another post detailed the characteristics of being a narcissist, which includes "nasty, cruel and insensitive" comments that are "rarely factual things about you." Another quote read, "Those who are the greatest threat to the narcissist will be made out to be the most vilest of monsters."

Edmonds never referred to King in the story, but he did write: "Just something that I found this morning searching the Internet. Thought that I would share with you some of you who have been asking me about past relationships."

Things have not been great between Edmonds and King. Earlier this month, King took to social media to talk about how King accused him of being abusive while they were together. "The lies and accusations that followed the breakup only put me deeper into a funk," he wrote. "Along came this beautiful woman by chance, who lit up my world and brought me back to life. I'm very grateful for my amazing friends, children and this amazing woman for making me a better person and father." The "amazing woman" in question was Edmonds talking about his new girlfriend, Kortnie O'Connor, who the former MLB player said doesn't think he "would be here right now" if it wasn't for her.


Edmonds and King's relationship was put on display when they were on The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2015. King was part of the cast while Edmonds made a few appearances. Before his relationship with King, Edmonds was a star baseball player. He played for six different teams from 1993-2010 and was named to the All-Star team four times. Edmonds is known for his time with the California/Anaheim Angels and St. Louis Cardinals. He won eight Gold Glove Awards with the Angles and Cardinals and helped St. Louis win the World Series in 2006.