Jets RB Le'Veon Bell Blasts NFL After Multiple HGH Tests

The New York Jets are preparing for an upcoming battle with the Oakland Raiders, but running back Le'Veon Bell is currently thinking about a different battle of his own. According to a recent post on Twitter, he has been tested for HGH (Human Growth Hormone) several times in recent weeks. After the latest "random" test, Bell is over it, and he's letting the NFL know his frustrations.

"I done had 5 “random” HGH blood test in 10 weeks... [NFL]," Bell wrote on Wednesday morning. "I’m not doing another after today, whatever y’all lookin for it obviously ain’t there & I’m not about to keep allowing y’all to stick me with those dirty a-- needles..find the players who really do that HGH BS & get off me.."

Following a year away from football due to a contract holdout, Bell has been struggling in the Jets offense run by coach Adam Gase. His 3.2 yards-per-attempt are the lowest of his career, and he only has four combined touchdowns as a rusher and receiver. The only season comparable in terms of rushing yards is 2015, a year in which Bell missed two games due to an early-season suspension and was later placed on Injured Reserve with a torn MCL.

While Bell hasn't been as effective this season, there is a concern about his lack of touches in Gase's offense. As a member of the Steelers, the Michigan State product routinely topped 20 rushing attempts each game, and occasionally registered 30-plus. In New York, however, Bell has rushed more than 20 times in only one game. The majority of his starts have resulted in 15-18 rushing attempts. He simply has not had enough opportunities.

The NFL has been testing for HGH since 2014, but they didn't find any offenders until the 2017 season. Although the league never did truly reveal the names of those that had tested positive. Then-Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing was a potential option after he was suspended 10 games for performance-enhancing substances, but his lawyer categorically denied any connection to HGH.

"Steroids aren't the problem. HGH is the big problem," an unnamed NFL player told Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman in 2015. For the past four or five years, the league has been almost overrun by HGH. ... The new testing procedures aren't catching anyone, because players know there is almost no way to get caught."


The NFL knows that there is a problem with HGH use among players, and it is on a mission to find the users through random drug tests. Bell supports this mission, but he's tired of being tested. He wants the league to know that he is clean so that they will leave him alone.

Photo Credit: Scott Taetsch/Getty