Jay Cutler Spotted out With Kristin Cavallari's Former Fired Co-Star Shannon Ford

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler turned heads recently while out enjoying some wine with his friends. He was spotted with a former Very Cavallari co-star Shannon Ford. This pairing was notable considering Cutler's ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari previously fired Ford during an episode of the reality show.

Cutler posted a video on his Instagram account that showed him at 167 Raw in Charleston, South Carolina. He sat at a table with his good friend, Mark "Chuy" Block, as well as Ford. The trio clinked wine glasses before smiling for the camera. Seeing Cutler with Block is nothing new, but many fans expressed surprise after seeing Ford sitting at the table.

"Stir that pot, Jay. Stir that pot," one person commented. Others joined in on the conversation and made comments about Cutler and his previous marriage to Cavallari. Several proclaimed that they were entertained by the development and that "petty Jay is the best Jay."

Ford originally appeared on the first season of Very Cavallari. She landed a job as the head of social media for Cavallari's jewelry company, but her relationship with Cutler's ex publicly came to an end. The pair got into several arguments about Ford's performance at work, as well as a newsletter she sent out about new products that did not have clickable links.

Cavallari ultimately accused Ford of ignoring emails and "singlehandedly costing my company money." She made the decision to fire Ford, who expressed a different opinion. Ford claimed that the Uncommon James founder gave her the ax due to "personal reasons."

While he spent one evening enjoying drinks with Ford and Block, Cutler spent Thanksgiving with some Nashville friends. He joined Carrie Underwood and former NHL star Mike Fisher for a meal on Thursday, which he said was enough to feed 20 people. Cutler then posted a video that showed a massive spread of food, including a large turkey.

"Couldn't be with the fam this year, but we feasted nonetheless! I worked hard and our bellies are stuffed!" Underwood wrote in her own Instagram post. "Shoutout to [Cutler] for the turkey, which I did not try (I'm a Tofurky kind of girl) but was told it was delicious! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!"


Cutler has regularly spent time with Fisher and Underwood, whether he was eating delicious food or helping raise money for charity. One example is a celebrity clay pigeon shoot in October. The former Chicago Bears quarterback headed to the Nashville Gun Club for the Second Annual CATCHIN' DEERS Mike Fisher Celebrity Clay Shoot.

Cutler posted a video on his Instagram Stories showing him dressed in a dapper green jacket and shooting at some clay pigeons. He was one of the many high-profile figures on hand for the event, a list that included ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck. None of the celebrities revealed their final scores, but they expressed excitement about helping raise money.