Awkward ESPN Video of Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim Resurfaces Amid Divorce

Jalen Rose surprised many ESPN viewers with his divorce announcement from his wife and co-host Molly Qerim. The former basketball star married Qerim two and a half years ago, initially going public together in June 2016, but had separated from the First Take host for a year before the official court filing.

After the surprise announcement, many diehard fans dug through the archives to see if there was ever a hint the relationship had soured while on the air. One user dug up a clip where Rose talks about being "faithful" while Qerim moderated.

While the interaction could just be playful, and seems to be hinting that someone was unfaithful in some manner, it also comes from 2017. While the couple was together, they still decided to get married and stay together for two years. So any cracks that may have formed likely healed or amounted to nothing by that point.

Some fans noted the timing of the divorce indicates a sort of anger behind the decision, but this is also trying to manifest something within the celebrity relationship that isn't there in reality. Another questioned if the divorce announcement is connected to his All the Smoke episode releasing on Friday, which doesn't seem like a solid thought either. There were also plenty of jokes about Rose's playing career and looks, something that doesn't change for the former basketball star.

According to TMZ, Rose filed initially on April 30, 2021. It came months after both starred in a Gatorade commercial together, with the relationship taking a turn for the worse after Qerim moved to Connecticut and ESPN headquarters.


The outlet adds that signs were out there for those looking. Qerim had removed Rose's name from her social media accounts, and neither shared photos together for months. Still, the filing doesn't seem to have hit their relationship as co-workers and friends too hard, with a lot of support and work coming after the filing. It should also be noted that Rose is not after alimony and Qerim isn't seeking spousal support either.