Jake Paul's Next Fight Date and Opponent Officially Announced

Jake Paul will be back in the ring right before Christmas. It was announced on Friday that the 24-year-old YouTube-star-turned-boxer will fight Tommy Fury on Dec. 18 in Tampa, Florida. Furry, 22, is the half-brother of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson and has won all of his seven pro boxing matches.

"Jake Paul is about to learn a serious life lesson," Tommy Fury said in the release, per CBS Sports. "This is my world, and he doesn't belong here. I'm not one of these MMA men or basketball players, I have been boxing my whole life. On Dec. 18, I will show the world the difference between a YouTuber and a real fighting man. Thanks to my promoter Frank Warren, Most Valuable Promotions and Showtime for giving me the opportunity to shut this clown up once and for all."  

Paul and Fury will fight at 192 pounds and is contracted for eight three-minute rounds. Paul has won his first four matches after rising to fame as a content creator. Fury is known in the U.K. due to his appearance on the reality show Love Island. Tyson Fury spoke to Boxing Social last month and revealed if Tommy lost to Paul, he should change his name to "Tommy Fumbles." If Tommy wins, Paul will give him an extra $500,000 from his purse. 

"I offered Fury to change his name to Tommy Fumbles or put up $500,000 of his purse if he loses," Paul said. "He chose to agree to change his name. Guess he puts more value on money then he does his own family name. Maybe he knows his family is disowning him once he loses, so money and [Tommy's girlfriend and UK TV personality] Molly [Mae-Hague] is all he's going to have left."  

Paul has been a draw in the boxing world, but this will be the first time he will face a professional boxer. In his first four fights, Paul has faced fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA star Nate Robinson and MMA stars Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Tommy Fury's last fight was a unanimous decision victory over Anthony Taylor in August. The fight was on the undercard of Paul vs. Woodley, which led to talks of the two getting in the ring together.