Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals to Snoop Dogg How She Reacted to His Criticism of Gayle King's Kobe Bryant Comments

Jada Pinkett Smith had to let Snoop Dogg know how she felt about his comments towards Gayle King. Snoop Dogg took aim at King for her comments on Kobe Bryant during her interview with Lisa Leslie. Smith had the hip-hop legend on her Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk and she was upset with his comments.

"When you first came out, and you said what you said in regards to Gayle, my heart dropped." Smith said in a sneak peek of the episode airing Wednesday. "I felt like not only were you talking to Gayle, but you were talking to me. I was like 'Oh no. Snoop has now taken his power flow away from me, away from Willow, away from my mother.' That's one of the reasons why I wanted to have the conversation with you in the spirit of healing."

Earlier this month, Snoop Dogg posted a series of photos and videos attacking King for asking Leslie about Bryant's sexual-assault allegation back in 2003 just days after his death. The first post, which is now deleted, was him verbally attacking King in a profanity-laced video. In the other posts, he continued to attack King and Oprah Winfrey for not going after Harvey Weinstein as he was recently convicted of sexual assault.

Shortly after the incident, Snoop Dogg made an appearance on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and he explained why he went after King.

"I just think that wasn't even necessary," he said when asked about the interview. "You got Lisa Leslie, an all-star, a great player and Olympic gold medalist who actually grew with Kobe."

"So it's like it's certain people that just wasn't like that so in Lisa's mind, she feel like, 'Why you keep asking the question when the case was dismissed?'" Snoop Dogg continued. "He wasn't even guilty. So if it was that serious, and no disrespect to the victim, but if it was that serious—if you did that to me—I'm getting on the witness stand and I'm coming forth to make sure you go do some time. Period!"

A week later, the Grammy-nominated artist apologized to King on Instagram.


"Had a talk with my momma," Snoop Dogg wrote in the caption. "Two wrongs don't make it right. Time to heal, [Gayle King]. Peace [and] love. Praying for [you] and your family as well as Vanessa and the kids."