Irish Spring Soap Trolls Georgia Ahead of Game vs. Notre Dame

The Georgia Bulldogs and the Notre Dame will do battle on Saturday night in Athens, Ga. and many considered this game as the biggest non-conference matchup of the year. And because of that, both communities are having some fun jabbing at each other. Recently the soap company Irish Spring sent a message to Georgia as it heard the area ran out of soap. So Irish Spring shared a photo of boxes of soap with bulldogs on the boxes ready to send them to Athens.

"Hey [University of Georgia] - Heard you were out of stock in Athens, GA. We're sending a little luck your way. Hoping for a good, clean game tomorrow," Irish Spring said in a tweet.

This comes on the heels of grocery store in Georgia announcing it is not selling any Irish Spring soap ahead of the game. So Irish Spring was simply providing the folks in Georgia who were looking to get clean.

The last time the two teams squared off was in 2017 in South Bend, Ind. The Bulldogs won the game 20-19 and they went on to reach the National Championship game. This year, both teams are ranked in the top 10, but the Bulldogs are favored to win by 14 points. Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly knows they are in for a battle and the important thing is keeping your emotions in check.

"I think the hardest games are the ability to manage your emotions, so you can play this way weekend and week out," Kelly said on his Thursday night radio show via 247Sports. "That's probably the most difficult thing because they love playing these games, but they also have to love playing next week against Virginia, a top 25 team. The balancing of those emotions is probably the most difficult.


"So, it's taking this and making sure that you can manage your emotions through a long schedule. You've got to play your rival too, USC, which obviously they'll be excited. Then you've got to play Michigan at Michigan. That to me is the challenge more than it is getting up for Georgia. Certainly, they're going to get for a game like this, but it's coming back the next week and being able — you don't have an easy game the next week. When you play at Notre Dame, that next week is a difficult challenge. Managing the emotions is very difficult."

Saturday's game will air on CBS and it will kick off at 8 p.m. Whoever loses will have to work hard to get back in the College Football Playoff picture.