Ice Cube Weighs in on Las Vegas Raiders' Chances of Winning Super Bowl in 2022 (Exclusive)

The Las Vegas Raiders are gearing up for the 2022 season, and a well-known fan is ready. Ice Cube is a life-long fan of the Raiders and continues to support them despite moving from Oakland to Las Vegas. But is this the year the Raiders will win their first Super Bowl since 1983 when the team was in Los Angeles? In an exclusive interview with Ice Cube shares his thoughts on the Raiders winning the Super Bowl for the fourth time in team history this year. 

"Well, they have to go through a gauntlet of talent that's in the AFC West.," Ice Cube exclusively told "You know, I think it's the hardest division in football right now. So they don't, it's nothing easy, man. They got to use that talent. They got to play to the best of their ability to even get out the west. So if they can get out the west, then I think they could beat anybody in the league and they can go all the way. So, the test starts game one."

To start the season, the Raiders travel to Los Angeles to face the Los Angeles Chargers. Last year, the Raiders made the playoffs by beating the Chargers in the final game of the season. But when it comes to this year, experts are picking the Chargers to either win the AFC West or come in second behind the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that has played in four consecutive AFC Championship games and won the Super Bowl in 2019.

But along with the Chargers and the Chiefs, the Raiders have to face the Denver Broncos who traded for Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason. If the Raiders want to make a run at the Super Bowl, beating their divisional opponents has to be a priority.

During the offseason, the Raiders made big changes to their coaching staff and roster. They hired a new head coach in Josh McDaniels and added Davante Adams who is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. Both additions should help the Raiders be one of the more potent offenses in the NFL. But the success of the Raiders will depend on quarterback Derek Carr who has yet to win a playoff game in his eight-year career. Ice Cube and the rest of Raider Nation will get to see the team in action on Thursday night when they kick off the preseason against the Jacksonville Jaguars