Houston Cheerleader Takes Violent Fall on Sidelines of Washington State Game

College football season is known for big plays that nearly shut down Twitter. Whether it's angry runs by Alabama or leaping quarterbacks, there is no shortage of wild highlights. Unfortunately, some often result in scary moments for everyone involved. Friday's battle between the University of Houston and Washington State was no exception.

Midway through the third quarter of the 31-24 battle, Houston's D'Eriq King dropped back in search of an open wide receiver. He launched a pass downfield toward wide receiver Keith Corbin, who made a diving attempt at the catch. Unfortunately, he didn't complete the process but that wasn't what drew the attention.

Instead, the moment that scared many came when a cheerleader fell to the ground.

The cheerleader was standing on the shoulders of her partner when a man backed into the formation in an effort to avoid the diving Corbin. This collision knocked the cheerleader to the ground and left her writhing in pain on the sidelines.

Fortunately, she appeared to be uninjured and posted her excitement about being on ESPN. Of course, this is Twitter, so the majority of responses were people using the comments section as an opportunity to "woo" the cheerleader. Unsurprisingly, this strategy did not pan out.

Fortunately, there were others in the responses that were actually concerned about the cheerleader's well-being. Many actually asked if the sideline reporter had bothered to apologize for knocking Cara over while discussing the inherent danger of cheerleading. As one person said, "Every cheerleader I've ever known or dated has a list of injuries that would make the average football player wince. Cheerleading is a blood sport."

What's fascinating about the video is that the sideline reporter in question didn't actually try to help out either cheerleader that he knocked over. Instead, he opted to bend down and pick up the football. That was an odd choice that many pointed out in the comments section.


Obviously, the evening was not ideal for Cara considering that she fell violently to the ground and her team lost to a PAC-12 heavy hitter. Although simply being able to say that she walked away unscathed was the most important factor for the cheerleader.