High School Football Player Tackles Teammate Who Was Running Towards Wrong End Zone After Interception

A California high school football player did something he never thought he would have to do in a game. The past weekend, Fairfield High Shcool (Calif.) was taking on Rodriguez High School (Calif). During the game, Fairfield picked off a pass from Rodriguez but the player who intercepted the pass was running towards the wrong end zone. That led to a Farfirled player named Kha-Ron Thrower to tackle him to prevent the player from scoring a safety for the other team. Thrower had to run 50 yards to tackle him and once the game was over, he went to Twitter to have a little fun with the situation.

"[SportsCenter] not top 10 and Top 10???? I saved the game with the tackle, teammate ran the opposite way off the interception," Thrower said who tagged the ESPN show SportsCenter in the Tweet.

Thrower also mentioned that was the player's first interception in his career

"That was lil bro's first interception. Noted that he's only played 2.5 games due to injury going into that game and that was his first game back off another injury. So I don't really blame him and that had nothing to do with us losing. Lil bro fine and he'll bounce back, Thrower wrote.

Of course, users commented on the video and they loved it. One person said, "At the 00:11 second mark, you can see his left hand start to hit them with the Tyreek Hill and then his teammate takes him down! I was dying to see his TD celebration after that 'long pick 6,'" Another person said, "Seemed to me like they were chasing in chase he realized his mistake and turned around lol. If they weren't chasing, man could've easily ran back the other way which is what I was expecting tbh."

This commenter wanted the kid to score. she said, "Awww you should've let him keep going. Let him have his dream hero moment before he sees everyone in red fuming." Another person said, "No. 1 on the not top 10 list for sure! Great tackle."

As great as that play was for Fairfield, the team ended up losing to Rodriguez 14-7. Fairfield is now 0-7 on the year while Rodriguez improves its record to 1-6. Fairfield head coach Matsu Matsukado talked about how their mistakes have hurt them this year.


"It seems like we shoot ourselves in the foot or have mental lapses. I know most of these guys are tired because they're going both ways, but there's no excuse. We're not executing as well as we should be," he said according to NBC News.