Green Day Drops Multiple F-Bombs During NHL All-Star Game Show Performance

Oakland's own Green Day was on hand for the NHL All-Star Weekend in order to provide music to those gathered in St. Louis. The long-running punk band took to the ice for a performance but turned heads with their comments. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong could be heard saying the F-word multiple times during the live broadcast.

Green Day performed a medley that included "American Idiot" and "Basket Case" during All-Star Weekend, the latter of which does not feature any curse words. However, Armstrong drew attention when he yelled: "Get your f–king hands up in the air!" The crowd in attendance cheered while those at home expressed their shock on social media.

One of the specific moments can be seen in the video below. This does include the NSFW comment by Armstrong. Another swearing incident, which happened amid "American Idiot," featured Armstrong yelling: "Let’s go f–king crazy!"

While "Basket Case" may not feature any swearing, "American Idiot" is a song that has been censored when played on the radio or during live performances. NBC was reportedly prepared for certain lyrics of this song and bleeped them out.

However, Armstrong continued to swear during the performance, and some of the expletives made it through the secondary audio feed. Those keeping track on Twitter said that he had hit the "hat trick of F-bombs."

Green Day later tweeted about the incident, asking: "Anyone know why we're trending? We've been busy having a blast w the [NHL] in St. Louis all night."

Many fans on social media were certainly surprised by Green Day cursing during the live broadcast, but they were fewer in number. A large majority actually expected Armstrong to drop several more F-bombs during the performance. After all, this is the band that will be releasing an album called "Father of All Motherf–kers" in 2020.

"I’m going to call this the Snoop Effect going forward," one helpful individual offered on Twitter. "Hiring Green Day and then being upset when you get Green Day is insane. First basketball and now hockey. Note to the NFL [Steel Panther] probably ain’t a good fit."


As many pointed out on social media, this performance during the All-Star Weekend is just one part of the massive marketing and promotional partnership that Green Day signed with the NHL. This deal runs through the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons and also features the band's songs in highlight packages and in arenas around the league.

(Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images)