Former NFL Receiver Brandon Marshall 'Is Over' the Cowboys

Sitting at 6-6 with four weeks remaining in the season, the Dallas Cowboys have an opportunity to win out and secure a spot in the playoffs. Former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall doesn't see this happening, however. As he explained during an appearance on First Things First, Marshall is "over" the Cowboys.

"I don't even trust them to make the playoffs," Marshall said. "The Philadelphia Eagles gave them an opportunity this week just to still be in it when they went down to Miami and got beat. I trust the Philadelphia Eagles to turn this around more than I trust the Dallas Cowboys. I'm over them."

As Marshall continued to explain, he doesn't understand why the Cowboys are the talking point for every single show on radio or television. He just doesn't believe that they should be the center of the conversation.

As he mentioned, Marshall does recognize the talent level on the Cowboys' roster, but there are far more pressing issues. Specifically, he thinks that this team is not smart or particularly well-coached when it comes to situational football. Additionally, he felt that the loss to the New England Patriots showed a complete lack of emotion from the players on the gameday roster.

While other teams, such as the Patriots, excel at the game within the game and don't make mistakes, Marshall feels that the Cowboys fall far short. In his opinion, this is a team that can't pull off a routine punt without committing a crucial mistake.

In order to win the NFC East and secure a spot in the playoffs, the Cowboys will likely need to win all four of their remaining games, which are against the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins. Only two of these battles will take place at home while the critical matchups against the Eagles and Bears will be on the road.

Will the Cowboys find a way to defeat the upcoming opponents and finish the year 10-6 and in the postseason? Marshall does not see his happening given the issues that he sees with each passing week. Instead, he fully believes that the 6-6 Eagles will be the team from the NFC East that goes on a winning streak and secures the division crown.


(Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)