Falcons QB Matt Ryan Donates $500K to Help Black Community in Atlanta

Matt Ryan is making a big donation amid the protesting going on in the country. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback has donated $500,000 toward a GoFundMe page he started, which will focus on helping the black community in Atlanta. Ryan would like to raise $2 million since he wears No. 2 on the football field.

The GoFundMe page launched on Thursday and has raised over $533,000 as of Friday morning. In the description, Ryan wrote: "For far too long I have reacted to social injustice with empathy and silent support but failed to follow through with active support. I feel the time has come to RESPOND. For ALL of us to respond." He also wrote he sees "my city hurting" which is the reason he started the fundraiser. He then stated: "Over the next few weeks/months I'll be really listening to the needs of the community and working with black business leaders, sports figures, activists and local grassroots organizations to get guidance on how these donations can be most impactful."

This fundraiser comes after George Floyd was killed while in the custody of the Minneapolis police on May 25. Like many of his teammates, Ryan went to social media to react to Floyd's death. "My heart goes out to all those who loved George Floyd, and all those who have been impacted by similar tragedies, Ryan wrote on Instagram. "I know that I cannot fully understand the depth and complexity of these issues because of the color of my skin, which is a sad testament to all of the work we have left to do. I know I am only one man, but I also know I am committed to doing what I can. That commitment includes listening and learning with all humility and compassion. It is the least I can do. IT is the least WE all can do."


Ryan, who won the MVP award in 2016 wants his white teammates to do more. He told ESPN: "It's time for people to not be silent on issues. I can't stay silent on it anymore. I don't know the right things to say. I can't put it into words. But I want to let people know that I'm supporting. And I'm going to try and educate and listen the best I can to people who know this situation better than myself, and to try and be empathetic and follow through to make an impact."