Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott Party With Friends, Seemingly Violating Texas' 'Safer at Home' Order

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott put a stay-at-home order into place in early April that requires residents to remain at home unless they are grocery shopping, going to the doctor or doing something else that has been deemed "essential." Gatherings of more than 10 people have also been banned in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, TMZ Sports reports that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and teammate Ezekiel Elliott have not been following the rules.

Photos and videos surfaced on Saturday that showed the two NFL stars seemingly violating the social distancing protocols. They were shown with a large group enjoying food and drinks. According to TMZ's sources, there were roughly 30 people gathered at Prescott's house for a birthday celebration. The party reportedly took place on Friday night and was catered by Nick and Sam's Steakhouse in Dallas.

This is only the latest example of Prescott drawing attention for seemingly violating the "safer-at-home" order in Texas. He also recently worked out with former teammate Dez Bryant. Evidence of this workout was posted on Twitter by Bryant, including a photo that showed him, Dak, and three others standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

"Do you want to have football this fall? Because this is how we don't have football this fall," one person wrote on Twitter. Several others chimed in and with comments about social distancing and staying six feet away from each other. Although a few others made some jokes about Bryant being incapable of getting "six feet of separation" at this point in his career.

Prior to heading to Prescott's home in Prosper, Texas, for this birthday celebration, Elliott called for his fans to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. He posted an image from Nike that called for people to "play inside, play for the world." Several prominent athletes have posted this on their social media profiles in recent weeks in an effort to get their fans and followers to remain in self-quarantine and avoid large gatherings.


Elliott has also been trying to raise money for those impacted by the coronavirus. He recently announced that he is partnering with the North Texas Food Bank. He will be releasing new merchandise to fans, and he will be using 100 percent of the proceeds to feed locals. He teased several designs on his Instagram Stories on Saturday morning, including one that focuses on staying home during the coronavirus outbreak.

"Stay home. Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Hungry," the sweatshirt reads. Elliott hasn't yet put this piece of merchandise in his online store, but he is contemplating that idea. Although this design could be met with some criticism following his recent trip to Prescott's house.