Ex-WCW Wrestler Arrested on Assault Charge

Evan Karagias was charged with assault in North Carolina.

A former professional wrestler who competed in WCW was arrested for assault in North Carolina last week according to Fox 8. Evan Theodore Karagias, 49, was arrested by Belmont Police on Nov. 1 and was charged with simple assault and injury to personal property, per the Gaston County Sheriff's Office. Karagias posted a bond of $25,0000. 

Karagias began his professional wrestling career in 1997 and joined WCW. He was known for being part of the WCW boy band 3 Count along with Shane Helms and Shannon Moore. During his time in WCW, Karagias won the Cruiserweight Championship, defeating Disco Inferno on Nov. 21, 1999. He held on to the title for 28 days before losing it to Madusa. Karagias then won the Hardcore Championship with Helms and Moore in February 2000. 

When WWE purchased WCW in 2001, Karagias joined the company and was quickly sent to the Heartland Wrestling Association. He made his WWE TV debut during the invasion as a member of The Alliance. Karagias was released from WWE in December 2021 after not being used as a wrestler for most of the year. He would go on to work on the independent circuit until 2010. 

Earlier this year, Helms appeared on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet and talked about being in 3 Count with Karagias and Moore. "I don't know if they applied themselves to the dance moves," he said, per Yahoo.  "I actually bought a — I was telling Ricochet this story; I bought a CD burner back then, which was like seven or $900. It was so expensive to burn the song for them so that they could practice the dance at home. Like that's how committed I was to making that thing work."

Helms also talked about how the group lasted less than a year. "With the 3 Count, people really hung on to that a lot," Helms admitted. "We only did it for nine months. But as much as I hear about 3 Count, you would think I would have done it so much longer. Because I do hear about it all the time, and we weren't 3 Count all that long. So for a band, as far as boy bands go, I don't know what the average is on staying together. But we didn't stay together very long."