ESPYs 2019: Tracy Morgan's Jokes Draw Very Mixed Response Among Viewers

Tracy Morgan is hosting the ESPY Awards, which has been a notoriously tough gig. Danica Patrick suffered some rough reviews after hosting the 2018 ceremony, and it seems Morgan is suffering the same fate throughout the ceremony.

After the 30 Rock actor's monologue began, haters fired off criticisms of the act.

Some claimed they changed the channel as soon as the routine began, and others just didn't think he was the right fit for the sports-centric program.

When some of the negative reactions began pour in, Morgan's fans quickly began to chime in.

Some didn't like the routine, but felt they were being too hard on the Saturday Night Live alum. Many wished viewers would respect Morgan's status as a comedic great and remember the tough health issues he's faced over the last decade.

Even though many supported Morgan's routine's as a caveat, some didn't need one.

Some of the Last O.G. actor's fans saw nothing wrong with his routine, and cheered him on enthusiastically.


The ESPYs are currently airing on ABC.

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images