ESPN's Adam Schefter Explains Why NFL Is Hosting Private Workout for Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick could be on an NFL field in the very near future as he will work out for all 32 teams in Atlanta on Saturday. So the question is why is the NFL doing this now when it looked like Kaepernick was not going to play in the league again? Adam Schefter of ESPN talked about the situation and he said NFL is not happy how everything went down with Kaepernick as he has not been on an NFL field since December 2016.

“I think Roger Goodell, there’s a part of him, the Commissioner, that feels bad about the way that this has unfolded,” Schefter said. “And I think that he believes that he must do his part to try to get a workout for Colin Kaepernick, to try to get interviews with Colin Kaepernick, to try to do his part to get Colin Kaepernick in front of teams."

Schefter went on to say the league is making sure the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback gets an opportunity to show every team what he can do. It has been three years since he's played, but Kaepernick has been training constantly so he would be ready when that time came.

“Now Roger Goodell cannot make teams sign a quarterback himself, and we’ve seen what has transpired in recent months and years where nobody has brought him in to visit (the Seahawks did bring in him for a visit this year) nobody has worked him out, and he essentially has been persona non grata with the NFL," he wrote. "This is a reversal of that with the league office. This is the league office stepping in to try to make sure that Colin Kaepernick . . . has a chance to show to teams what he can’t do, what he can do, what his level of interest is in returning, how much he’d like to be back in football.


"And, again, the NFL can’t make a team sign him I don’t think, but it can arrange something like this that really turns into Colin Kaepernick’s Pro Day.”

The workout will be held at the Atlanta Falcons training facility, and it will begin at 3 p.m. on Saturday. Kaepernick will conduct interviews and be measured before doing QB drills to end the workout.