Eric Young Suffers Big Injury Amid Impact Run

Professional wrestler Eric Young has enjoyed a strong run with Impact Wrestling since leaving WWE. [...]

Professional wrestler Eric Young has enjoyed a strong run with Impact Wrestling since leaving WWE. However, he recently suffered a big injury that will keep him away from the ring. He announced that he tore his ACL and will undergo surgery in the coming days.

The professional wrestler said that he had originally torn his ACL during a match against James Storm. It occurred on the first day of the taping. Young continued to wrestle before getting it diagnosed. Now he expects to be out of action for roughly six to nine months — although he could remain involved on-screen as the leader of Violent By Design.

"At the last tapings I tore my ACL," Young said, per Cageside Seats. "It's the first time I've ever been injured. I missed my first wrestling show this Friday that I was booked on in 24 years of doing it. So, it's frustrating, man. I've never been injured. I've been hurt lots, but I've never been injured. I have to have surgery in like a week and a half. And it's going to be a long, long road. So, we'll see, man. It's going to get real interesting for me."

Young explained that this is the first time that he has had to miss a match due to injury. He said that he has previously wrestled with a broken ankle, broken fingers, broken toes, dislocated hip, and several other types of injuries during his long-running career. However, his doctor said that he would not be able to wrestle on the torn ACL.

While Young did deal with the torn ACL, he took part in a massive match. "I wrestled a hardcore war eight-man tag the following day, then I wrestled Eddie Edwards on Tuesday in a singles match. It was like 20 minutes — on one leg," Young explained. "And I would put that match against anything that airs anytime, for any wrestling company, anywhere in the world, and I did it on one leg. And I'm very proud of it."

Young is one of the most successful wrestlers on the Impact roster. He has two Impact World Championships on his resume, as the TNA World Beer Drinking Championship. Young has also built up his fanbase with several tag team titles. He won the NWA World Tag Team Championship twice with Bobby Roode and the TNA World Tag Team Championship twice with Kaz and Scott Hall.