Eric Bischoff Once Raced Dennis Rodman on Motorcycles After WCW Event

Eric Bischoff, former executive producer and president of WCW, has been entertaining fans recently with tales from his long career. He has a podcast, 83 Weeks, and uses it to reminisce about country stars appearing at wrestling events and interactions with Dennis Rodman. One story, in particular, drew attention considering that Bischoff revealed he once took part in a motorcycle race with the former Chicago Bulls star.

In the YouTube version of the podcast, the host explained that Rodman made an appearance at the event in an unofficial capacity. He was in town for the motorcycle rally due to his friendship with a custom motorcycle builder. He just showed up wanting to party. This appearance led to a unique moment where Bischoff and Rodman raced each other on motorcycles after a WCW event. He said that the pay-per-view was a letdown, but the race provided enough adrenaline.

"Later that night, I actually drag raced — not drag raced, highway raced — Dennis Rodman," Bischoff said. "He had a new chopper, a really, really fancy one and expensive one. Mine wasn't. I paid like 15 grand for mine. Dennis' was up in the neighborhood of about 45 or 55 [thousand]."

As Bischoff continued to explain, they were going from Sturgis to Rapid City. There were about 15 people out on the highway together, but Bischoff and Rodman were out in the front. The former NBA star kept pushing to go faster, and the pair ultimately reached about 115 mph. At that point, Bischoff said that they eased back on the throttle. He explained that the mix of alcohol, speed and lack of suspension made the race extremely dangerous.

Bischoff said in the podcast that he was fortunate to have survived the highway race, especially considering the influences in his system. Now he uses the experience to provide advice to younger generations. He survived a motorcycle race against an NBA star and can provide guidance for others.


Along with stories about Rodman, Bischoff has detailed multiple other iconic moments from his career in professional wrestling. One example is taking part in a match with former late-night host Jay Leno. The man known for his chin and denim outfits once partnered with Diamond Dallas Page in order to battle Hulk Hogan and Bischoff.

"I go home and think about it and go what if Hulk Hogan and I take over The Tonight Show? "Bischoff said, per Sportskeeda. "What if we take Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks — the guy that had the band — what if we throw him off the set? And what if we do it like the nWo would do it where it feels real and believable? There's no comedy, nobody's gonna laugh. This is the exact opposite of what anybody watching The Tonight Show would ever expect. I thought if I could sell that to Jay Leno, I could sell anything."