Eric Bischoff Reveals How Travis Tritt Got Involved in WCW

WCW was known for having big celebrities being part of the action. Travis Tritt never competed in a pro wrestling ring but was involved with WCW as he performed a mini-concert at the pay-per-view event Road Wild. Eric Bischoff, former executive producer and president of WCW, talked about Road Wild on his podcast 83 Weeks and explained why they brought in the country music star.

"Why not?" Bischoff said. "He may have been available. For that 10 days during Sturgis, every major rock, country band is coming through. ... If you're at the top of your particular rock 'n roll or country game, you're probably playing or have played or will play soon Sturgis. More than likely [Tritt] was there." Bischoff went on to talk about the campgrounds at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at Sturgis, South Dakota, which has close to 9,000 people.

"And all night long, there is every form of entertainment going on you can imagine," Bischoff added. "Not the least of which is usually a band or two or three during the course of an evening and they rotate around. My guess is Travis Tritt was there because he was probably at one of the campgrounds playing and he was able to double up, and it was good for us and it made our sponsors happy, and off we went. No more than that. Nor more analysis or creative perspective than just he was there, he was available, he was a big name. He's country, wrestling fans typically like country. Added value, let's do it."

Tritt was not the only big celebrity at Road Wild, talk show host Jay Leno competed in a match as he teamed with Diamond Dallas Page to face Hulk Hogan and Bischoff. Also on the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff explained how they were able to get Leno to be in a match.


"I go home and think about it and go what if Hulk Hogan and I take over The Tonight Show? "Bischoff said as reported by Sportskeeda. What if we take Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks – the guy that had the band – what if we throw him off the set? And what if we do it like the nWo would do it where it feels real and believable? There's no comedy, nobody's gonna laugh. This is the exact opposite of what anybody watching The Tonight Show would ever expect. I thought if I could sell that to Jay Leno, I could sell anything."